flower art

America the Beautiful - Macy's Flower Show Chicago

If you haven't already made it out for the Macy's Flower Show at the Macy's on State Street, you should!  It's amazing!  They have completely transformed the event space on the 9th floor into a breathtaking look at the varying landscapes and flowers of the country.  And, while you are there you should stop by the cosmetics department (on the main floor) to see the installation I did.  It'll be up until Saturday, so hurry!!  Here's a few photos of the installation.  My next blog post will have more photos of the actual install and more details.  I had SO much fun putting this together, hope you love it!

I should add that all of the flowers and greenery used in the installation are native to North America.  The cherry blossoms are a tribute to my late grandparents who recently passed away and to many of my family members who have served our country in the military.  Let it take you on a visual journey of a field of wildflowers in the spring time.  


When I saw the bunch of agapanthus at the wholesaler I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.  It just makes a huge statement on its own and when you put several stems together it really is a wow moment.  So, why not play that up?  I went for a simple base of roses because that's what I had and some gorgeous alocacia leaves.  

These roses are gorgeous!  I love the lavender center and pink tips.

These roses are gorgeous!  I love the lavender center and pink tips.