romantic wedding arrangement

Fairytale Wedding

I've been dreaming of doing something like this for a wedding.  How amazing would it be to walk through an aisle of romantic flowers!  It would be like a fairytale.

Pretty, pretty pink

My grandparents came over to my house the other day and brought me some pink roses.  My grandmother asked me to make an arrangement with the flowers.  So, since that's all I had really I went in my backyard cut some sedum and used up the remaining Italian ruscus I had from an arrangement I did last week to make this arrangement.  This romantic arrangement of pink flowers goes perfectly in this bronze urn.  With the greenery draping over the edges it really captures that romantic vibe.  This would be gorgeous as a centerpiece to any wedding.  

Roses, sedum, and italian ruscus

Roses, sedum, and italian ruscus